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An Accountant is an accounting specialist who works for a business to inform the management about the financial procedures and decisions. Many people begin working as an accountant or even obtain their Certified Public Accountant designation before even becoming a Certified Management Accountant.

This is an informative content that deals with informing all users on how many years do you need to study to become an accountant.

Becoming an accountant is perhaps one of the most lucrative jobs in the market. If you can secure such a job at the moment, you will be rolling cash. Of course like any other top job
out there, attaining this position is not going to be that easy.

Below is a guide on how long it does take to become an accountant.

1. High school education (Around 4 Years)

Like majority of the jobs out there, becoming a qualified or certified accountant starts off from the time you join your high school education. Since everybody needs to attend this high school education. However, to facilitate the speeding up of the time taken, you may need to get guidance from your school teacher so that you spend the exact period reading the right content.

2. Heading to College (Takes around 3-4 years)

The next step involves heading to college or university. However, you can do this while you are still in high school. This all depends upon your ability to think, retail and your genius capabilities. In most cases in order to take a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, you may need to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Expect college education to take around 3-4 years depending on which module you take. Male sure that your college conforms to the state’s accounting requirement as not all the courses do that at the moment.

3. Learning Accounting Software Packages (Around one year)

The next step involves learning different accounting software packages. There are a few main types in the market. You should expect to take a period of around a year for this to materialize. There are plenty of training courses that would provide you with the assistance that you need.

During college and just a bit of time, you will want to start taking time jobs on accounting firms, it is stud2important to complete the certified public accounting exam, in order to be fully fit for placements.

4. Finally, you will then need to complete your Certified Public Accountant Examination. Apply to be chattered and to be officially registered. The exam will take two days.

Therefore, within a period of 7-10 years starting from your high school education, you will have already answered the how many years do you need to study to become an accountant.

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